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Autumn begins

Autumn is often a bit iffy here in Sydney. We’ve had one of the wettest summers on record, so the beautiful Japanese maples in Leura (my favourite Autumnal display) have had a very good drink over summer, perhaps more than they would usually desire. As a result of wet feet, they are clinging onto their foliage for dear life.

Thankfully, the wet weather has been followed by some glorious warm, sunny days. However, if we do not get some cool, crisp evenings, colour will not emerge and we will have a late, disappointing brown fall of leaves. Here’s a picture of one of the maples outside our house in Leura. It dwells in partial shade, and has changed earlier than most of the other beautiful trees that line the road.

The signs for the end of the week aren’t looking promising for colour: we have a series of wet days ahead, and this will just promote leaf fall. Darnit … I want my autumnal colours, but I think they will elude us in 2012.

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