Welcome to my blog. I’ve decided to eschew more public utterances on social networking sites, whose design and ownership function within what may be called “a grey zone”. So here, in my little potentate, you may read my blatherings and rantings on various topics. I often blog about food, because I love cooking and sharing recipes. I will write reviews about every concert I attend, mostly because I like to articulate an opinion. I will write about my interests in cultural matters – aesthetic issues, notions of national identity, etc. I will write about personal history and some family background, from time to time. I’ll try to stay largely jargon-free, but I can’t promise that this will always be the case. But please feel free to subscribe and comment at will – even if you disagree (or especially if you disagree!), it’s fun to engage in a discussion on all range of matters. Caveat: No countenance will be given to expressions of sexism, racism, gender-identity hatred, religious bigotry. If you want to express such feelings, there’s a great big internet out there and I’m sure some site will have you. Just not me.

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